Inner Yoga


Many yoga philosophy books are inaccessible to readers;Inner Yoga is hands-on, accessible, and the kind of book people interested in yoga are likely to read it.

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Inner Yoga takes you on a journey of self-discovery, exploring through yoga the rich layers of consciousness in a warm, intimate, empowering journey inward. Using asanas, breathing, and meditation, this book will deepen your practice by teaching you the inner meaning of the asanas you practice, the slow, controlled breathing necessary for effective meditation, the power of sound to focus the mind, how to improve your concentration, and how to connect every aspect of your practice to the absolute. More than 60 photographs of Finnish yogi Jani Jaatinen demonstrating postures and breathing. This book gives both beginners and experienced practitioners a deeply spiritual orientation to their practice. Teachers can use this book to gently guide students toward the innermost core of the yoga tradition.


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